For the first time in Syria, an event for tasting chocolate was introduced by Chez Huda in 2009. New chocolate collection was prepared by the chocolate expert Mr. Harry Mercuur. The collection included all that is new in the chocolate world with unique fillings like Gorgonzella cheese as well as using natural fruits like strawberries and blueberries in the chocolate fillings.


Chez Huda decided that this kind of event will be held annually after the success of the first one and in 2010 an new collection was introduced with special attention to the Arabic taste where natural Arabic Misk was a smash hit along with shapes and figures made from chocolate.


Participation in local events:


Greek consulate in Aleppo: A module of the famous Acropolis was made from chocolate as well as some ancient Greek jars with the Greek flag made from Chez Huda chocolate.

Attendees of the Islamic book festival enjoyed Chez Huda chocolate while looking at the various ancient  Islamic manuscripts and books during the celebration of Aleppo as the Islamic capitol of the Islamic world.





2009 Reception

2010 Reception

Greek Party

Islamic Book Exhibition