About Us

Chez Huda chocolate shop was opened in 12th Feb 1992. It specialized and from the very beginning in introducing all that is unique and new in the hospitality confectionery, particularly, the cocoa butter chocolate which is ranked next to the big names of the chocolatier s' in the world.


The name is amongst a list of other trademarks registered to Khaled Sammani Co. The Sammani trademark was established in 1923. The name was and still is represents the best chocolate name in Syria.
As the policy of Chez Huda is to introduce to its clients what is new and best, a number of renowned experts from Europe were brought to add and introduce new chocolates and fillings to suit all tastes with special care to what is suitable to the oriental taste in general and the Syrian taste in particular. The company would like to thank three names in particular: Mr.Henk Busse, Mr. Henk Nenghermann and Mr. Harry Mercuur.


Chez Huda would like to thank all the magazines and newspapers and web sites that have written about our products and achievements.